early detection.

We help you develop your action plan for skin health!



Educate and prepare your kids


Just one sunburn in childhood can double the risk of skin cancer later in life.
We teach kids the knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral skills they need to prevent skin cancer.


Make sure


has what they need to protect themselves.


Every golfer, surfer, runner, volleyball player or swimmer needs to know about skin cancer.
If you play outdoors – you need to be aware and proactive.

In 2017, 1 person died every hour from skin cancer in the U.S.

Today, more than 2 people die EVERY HOUR.

It’s DOUBLED in FIVE short years!

We give YOU the tools to identify the warning signs EARLY so you can get treatment.
We are talking more than just ‘apply sunscreen’

It's About Having An


Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 25-30 and the second leading cause of cancer death in women ages 30-35.

keep sun fun
for you and your family!

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Men are more likely to die of melanoma than women - this is true at any age. Why? Fewer men protect their skin from harmful UV ultraviolet rays.


how to use sunscreen like spot

Spot knows how important sunscreen is. He uses it every day, even when it’s rainy or cloudy.
Look how Spot makes sure he gets sunscreen everywhere it needs to be!



“I am delighted to learn that the LPGA is joining forces with SknVue to promote awareness around skin cancer in golf.

Since we spend so much time outdoors and in the sun playing, practicing, and watching, we need consistent reminders to pay attention to our skin and learn steps we can take to prevent skin cancer.

That’s why I emphatically put my Skn In The Game to support this collaboration. I’ve had skin cancer myself, so this is personal for me.”
– Dottie Pepper

17-Time LPGA Tour Champ CBS Sports Announcer Best Selling Author



People who have survived melanoma are 8 times more likely to develop another melanoma than the general population.


Meet randy

Randy Wyant is the driving force for SknVue - a skin cancer non-profit.

He has a singular passion to save lives by promoting education, awareness and cutting-edge technology to help combat skin cancer.

Randy has loved science and medicine as far back as he can remember. It’s what he always wanted to do.

While other teenagers got a job at McDonald’s, Randy’s first job was at a local community hospital where he learned the process of triage and worked across many different levels of care.

He got a taste early of how people’s lives were impacted by medical issues that were often found too late.

He dove into the emerging medical diagnostic imaging specialty which led to over 30 years as a healthcare executive with companies like Philips Medical Systems, AGFA Healthcare and FujiFilm Medical Systems.  

Randy is a trusted executive in understanding the value of education and information to make informed healthcare decisions.

Do you see a trend here?

When a close friend found a spot on his ear that led to skin cancer - and it took 6 months to get the dermatologist appointment - Randy chose to take his knowledge and focus exclusively on skin cancer prevention. SknVue was born.

A fun fact - Randy is an avid golfer, which explains a lot of our strong relationships with the golf community.

He’s a walking, talking advocate for skin cancer awareness at events ranging from the Oscar's pre-parties to a community event near you.

Today you will find him educating kids, doing skin checks at events, speaking on skin cancer prevention and partnering with the experts for skin cancer detection and treatment.

He sits on the Board of the Melanoma Action Coalition and holds close ties to the PGA and LPGA golf community.

Here's the bottom line. He cares!

Do You Have Moles?

People with more than 50 moles, atypical moles or large moles are at increased risk for melanoma.

Legendary Advisory Board

SknVue is proud to have the passionate and unqualified support of some true legends who have risen to the top of their field – including professional golfers, an actor/producer and business leaders. Each and every legend is a well known skin cancer survivor and advocate.
They enthusiastically put their “Skn in The Game”

keep sun fun
for you and your family!

Learn About SknVue Curriculum & Education Programs
Have SknVue Speak to YOUR Organization

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