Everyone can and should have access

to early detection of skin cancer.

Our goal is to provide access to skin cancer screening services with an actionable plan to help individuals manage their skin wellness with the right support, the best tools & technology. Everyone can and should have access to early detection of skin cancer. Through education & awareness, we can save lives and improve outcomes when it comes to skin cancer of all kinds.

By partnering with philanthropists, key individuals, organizations, and groups, SKNVUE’s purpose is to fund events that will accomplish the goals, mission, and vision of our organization.

We will build a database of information to help support sponsored events, work with experts in the field of skin cancer, and build strategic partnerships with organizations that provide software and services that deal directly with awareness, early detection, and treatment.

Community Impact

We work with communities across the US to organize events at various public venues that will offer education and services that will directly address the need for awareness, free screenings and actionable plans for participants attending.

On Site Screenings

This could either be in the form of providing on site screenings or directing attendees to a future scheduled event or facility where they would receive a free screening.

Pop Up Events

Pop up events will be organized to maximize participation and provide solutions for future opportunities and follow up.